Center-Funded Pilot Studies

Currently, the ZFCPHP is not awarding funds to pilot studies; however, the remarkable pilot projects below from 2011-2015 were previously awarded funding.

Developing a gender and culturally sensitive weight loss intervention for Hispanic males

This project will challenge current research paradigms for Hispanic males by testing a gender– and culturally–sensitive weight loss intervention and providing highly impactful formative research on recruitment strategies and desire to use novel mHealth self–monitoring technologies to facilitate dietary/physical activity behavior changes.

Principal Investigator: David O. Garcia, PhD PI Contact Email:
Year Awarded: 2015 Amount of Award: $25,000
Stress and Food Selection in American Indian Families

This collaborative, community-based project will introduce and modify a “Mind-Body Medicine” program to recent graduates of a parent education program, along with testing the acceptability of a program targeting stress and data collection approaches to measuring stress.

Principal Investigator: Rebecca Drummond PI Contact Email:
Year Awarded: 2012 Amount of Award: $25,000
Dietary toxicants, trace elements, obesity, and type 2 diabetes

The work is designed to produce preliminary results regarding potential dietary obesogens, develop methods of modeling synergistic and antagonistic effects of dietary toxicants and trace minerals on obesity-related outcomes, and to generate new hypotheses.

Principal Investigator: Margaret Kurzius-Spencer MS, MPH PI Contact Email:
Year Awarded: 2012 Amount of Award: $15,003
Healthy Growing Infants: WIC Growth Chart Study with Latina mothers

(Director’s Choice Award) This formative research project will inform the design of a promotora-led intervention with new mothers around monitoring their infant’s healthy growth and development.

Principal Investigator: Angela Valencia, MPH PI Contact Email:
Year Awarded: 2012 Amount of Award: $34,000
Honoring Your Gift

"Honoring Your Gift" is a pilot collaboration between the University of Arizona Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, Freedom’s Gate Ministries, and Ministerios Getsemani. The project offers a program of health promotion strategies targeting specific modifiable risk factors for heart disease in multiethnic southwest Tucson.

Principal Investigator: Sheila Parker, MS, DrPH PI Contact Email:
Year Awarded: 2011 Amount of Award: $40,000