Mission & Vision


To impact and improve the health and wellbeing of the Tucson community and beyond through education, training, research, and outreach


Tucson as a regional and national leader for health and wellness

Key Values:

Wellness is achieved through prevention, health promotion, and health equity:

  1. Education
    • Health literacy is central to achieve necessary gains in behavioral change
    • Offer internship and volunteer opportunities in research and community engagement
    • Disseminate current evidence to assure optimal impact and sustainability on healthy behavior choices
  2.  ​Training
    • Provide opportunities for students to engage with a variety of researchers & community partners for a unique wellness experience
    • Explore innovative methods to enhance the availability, accessibility and recognition of prevention and health promotion facilities, programming and expertise within the community
    • Promote training of health care professionals, future prevention researchers and public health students to support the mission of the ZFCPHP
  3. Research
    • Advance research and evidence-based lifestyle interventions in reducing childhood obesity prevalence and supporting healthy adolescent development
    • Develop programs that meet individual, family, and community wellness needs
    • Research is the source of evidence; education and delivery approaches must be evidence-based
  4. Outreach
    • All people can change lifestyle behaviors to improve their health and well-being
    • Support health promotion and wellness in the places where Tucsonans live, learn, work, worship and pray
    • Engage in community planning, implementation, and evaluation in wellness programming