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Fall 2021 Newsletter 

Welcome to the Fall Issue of To Your Health, from the Zuckerman Family Center for Prevention and Health Promotion. This newsletter will highlight our Center activities including community engagement and lifestyle intervention research.


Summer 2021

Healthy 2B Me

Healthy 2B Me Summer Camp for kids celebrated its 9th year in 2021. For the second consecutive year we adapted and implemented “Camp in a Box” during the Covid-19 pandemic. Camp boxes were delivered to 25 local families that included 114 people. We continued our partnership with two local elementary schools (Dietz K-8 in the Tucson Unified School District and Prince Elementary in the Amphitheater School District) and families in the local metro area. The original curriculum was modified to adjust to the pandemic and camp was delivered remotely to families. As in 2020, we tailored camp for a more interactive family focused experience.


While 2021 proved to be a challenging year, the Student Transformative Experiences to Progress Underrepresented Professionals (STEP-UP) Summer Research Program could not be deterred! Utilizing technology, 17 trainees completed an integrated, innovative, and multidisciplinary educational experience in cancer prevention and control. Trainees collaborated with University of Arizona (UArizona) Cancer Center researchers and UArizona faculty to build confidence and skills in cancer prevention research. Summer activities included systematic literature searches, analysis and presentation of cancer prevention findings, completing a community-based sun safety outreach project, practicing personal cancer prevention behaviors, and more.

Fall 2021

UArizona / Tufts University Partnership

Since early 2020, UA MEZCOPH’ s Childhood Obesity Initiative has been involved in a seven-city grant study with Tufts University, Boston College and the Child Obesity 180 team to tackle the childhood obesity crisis. A Tucson, AZ community collaborative working group has been formed and named the Tucson Child Health Working Group (TCHWG), this group includes twelve members from the University of Arizona, Activate Tucson Coalition, and local community partners working in childhood obesity prevention and whole child health/wellness programming and research. The Catalyzing Communities Grant Study has given funds to assist in program implementation. This stakeholder group meets bimonthly to collectively identified the larger forces at play in our community that contribute to and result from identifying underlying beliefs driving childhood obesity and poverty in the greater Tucson region. The TCHWG has actively convened virtually to collect data, research and applying group model building approaches to tackle the massive issue of childhood obesity.  The team has identified complex factors such as funding for education, corporate values, and citizen advocacy, as well as social and emotional health, as crucial factors that shape health behavior and health outcomes.

Please see our website for more information on our Center programs and internship opportunities.



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