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Winter 2023 Newsletter 

Welcome to the Winter Issue of To Your Health, from the Zuckerman Family Center for Prevention & Health Promotion. Our newsletter highlights Center activities including community engagement and lifestyle intervention research.


Health & Wellness Fair 
In February our Center participated in the Family SciFest at the Children's Museum Tucson. This community event was full of interactive demonstrations and resources. The ZFCPHP booth had make your own jigsaw puzzles for the children and we learned that one school in town has a jigsaw puzzle team! It was a beautiful day and the fresh air and laughter of the children was amazing after a long pandemic! 

ZFCPHP Programming
Growing Girls and Guys After-School Mentorship & Education (GAME) returned for the spring semester in January 2023 at Estes and Quail Run Elementary Schools. This semester, fifth and sixth grade students will learn about media and gender, body image, development and puberty, self-care, and planning for the future. Perhaps the most exciting part of spring is our annual field trip to the University of Arizona! In March, students will explore campus by visiting academic departments, talk to Group Leaders about college, and compete in a fun photo scavenger hunt. Bear Down!

Volunteer Experience
Our Center staff and students volunteered their time at the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona on several occasions in 2022. The picture above is the Step-Up Training cohort and members of our staff at a recent outreach experience. 



Celebrating the life of Dr. Frank Marcus, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Marcus was a pioneer in cardiovascular research and heart health. His impressive career with the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson and Sarver Heart Center led him to understand the root causes of many heart problems, which led him to public health. Dr. Marcus realized that public health education could change behaviors and improve health for so many patients, so he provided the funding to establish the Childhood Obesity Prevention Initiative in the collaboration with the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health . Sabrina Plattner, Health Educator, Senior from The Zuckerman Family Center had the incredible opportunity to work with Dr. Marcus on his vison to prevent and combat Childhood obesity in Tucson, AZ. With the guidance of Dr. Marcus, we set out to work with middle school students to implement an evidence-based childhood obesity prevention curriculum, the Healthy Schools Tucson program (HST). HST program is an 11-week of lesson plans covering topics in nutrition and physical activity curriculum to promote adolescent wellness and prevent childhood obesity. The lessons are created by UA College of Public Health undergraduate and graduate students. Each semester the UA students are required to research, build, and present a new HST lesson per the needs or suggestions presented by teachers, students, and school staff. Some of the lessons include Covid-19 and Self Care, My Plate for My Health, Portion Distortion, Sugar Busters, Physical Activity for Heart Health, Sleep and Hydration, Tobacco and Vaping Prevention.
Over the past four years the HST program has reached over 1,400 middle school students. With the vision and support of Dr. Marcus, we have laid the groundwork for being national leaders in reducing childhood obesity in Pima County. We formed a collective group of professionals and citizens in Tucson and across the county to work collaboratively to mitigate childhood obesity and intervene on poverty and the lack of health education as driving factors contributing to the early-age onset obesity. We are addressing the social determinants of health through multi-sector partnerships to achieve gains in population-level health outcomes related to child and family wellness while also reducing health inequities.  In order to address obesity at the national level, we have partnered with Tufts University and eight other work sites in cities across the U.S. under the Catalyzing Communities to Prevent Childhood Obesity study
The programming is centered on an in-depth and systematic evaluation of the drivers of childhood obesity in each community, including Tucson. This strategic collaboration has led to the implementation of a stress strategies intervention in low resourced schools in Sunnyside School District to help created a communitywide campaign to encourage taxpayers to dedicate public school tax credits dollars to under-served schools to support wellness curriculum. This is seen as a cost-effective way to promote child wellness and offset some of the disparities in school funding in underserved neighborhood schools. The tax credit group has partnered with the local accounting firm BeachFleishman to provide their support and expertise on advocacy on the Public-School tax credit process. Dr. Marcus’ vision has ignited our community to address childhood obesity, a clinical state that can influence a child’s overall health and lifespan. He was committed to our children and their well-being, and his legacy will continue as we advance programming.
The family requests honoring Dr. Frank Marcus to be made to the Obesity Prevention Project Fund at the UA foundation. You can make your gift online at (keywords: Obesity Prevention) or by mail to U of A Foundation, 1111 N. Cherry Ave., PO Box 210109, Tucson, AZ 85721-0109 (with "Public Health Obesity Prevention Project" in the memo line). For more information about how you can support the Childhood Obesity Prevention Initiative, please contact Kim Bourn at the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health at


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White Bean Dip                                                                
  • 1 15oz can cannellini beans (rinsed and drained)
  • 8 roasted garlic cloves
  • 2 Tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 Tablespoons lemon juice
Blend all the above in a blender until smooth. Serve with pita bread or your choice of vegetables.
        Calories 84  |  Fat 4g  |  Total Carbs 9g  |  Protein 3g | Sodium 123mg


Right here in Southern Arizona! March is National Reading Month. Get your steps in at the Annual Tucson Festival of Books on the University of Arizona Mall March 4-5, 2023. All events are free to the public and several well known authors will be in attendance!


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