The membership program of the Zuckerman Family Center for Prevention and Health Promotion (ZFCPHP) is a way for the Center to recognize, encourage, and advance collaboration between the Member, the ZFCPHP, the Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health (MEZCOPH), and the University of Arizona (UArizona) community of faculty, academic professionals, and students to advance wellness programs and research.

What is meant by Membership?

Consideration of an individual for membership in the ZFCPHP requires a major interest in wellness (lifestyle, health behaviors: diet, physical activity, smoking cessation, stress reduction, sleep quality, etc.) research and programming.

Examples of potential members include:

  • Faculty with a University of Arizona appointment and with expertise in lifestyle behaviors, wellness, health promotion, and health equity
  • Community members (non-University of Arizona employees) with expertise and interest in lifestyle behaviors, and delivery of wellness/healthy lifestyle programs
  • Faculty, staff, students, and community partners with unique expertise in areas that may expand the impact and effectiveness of Center programming (e.g., health marketting, dissemination and implementation science, mental health)

Center members may be designated through either a Full Member, an Associate Member, or an Affiliate Member. The Associate and Affiliate appointment types correspond to the UA No-Salary Designated Campus Colleagues (DCC) guidelines. Applications for membership are initiated at the Center level.

What is the significance of Membership in the ZFCPHP?

Membership enhances relationships between the individual member and the ZFCPHP, ideally resulting in new projects and initiatives to improve/promote health and wellness in the Tucson community. 

What are the benefits of Membership in the ZFCPHP?

In addition to the extensive UA Services and Privileges afforded by UA DCC status (relevant to Associate/Affiliate appointments), immediate benefits of membership include:

  • Priority use of resources, equipment, and services of the ZFCPHP.
  • Eligibility for development funds or for pilot research projects.
  • Opportunities for collaborative grant and manuscript development.
  • Waiver of registration fees for all ZFCPHP sponsored conferences.
  • Notification of wellness-associated research awards, conferences, and seminars.
  • Recognition on the ZFCPHP website
  • Access to academic and community partners for research and outreach.

What are the responsibilities of Membership?

Members are expected to contribute to the education, research, and service activities of the Center. Some of the activities in which members will be expected to become involved include presenting at seminars, mentoring, collaborative grant writing, conference participation, engagement in networking events, and other efforts that support the activities and goals of the ZFCPHP. Members will be asked to submit an updated CV to the Center office annually.

Definitions of Membership Types

All membership appointments are initiated at the Center level and require review. Appointments are normally expected to continue as long as the individual is a faculty or staff member engaged in wellness-related outreach or research and contingent on engagement in ZFCPHP-related activities. The Director's Committee includes the Director, one faculty full member, one staff full member, and one MEZCOPH student in Health Behavior Health Promotion (HBHP) to evaluate renewal status.

  • Full Member includes individuals who currently hold a faculty position in the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, and to those who hold academic appointments in other colleges/units at the University of Arizona and have the potential to contribute to the mission of the ZFCPHP and MEZCOPH. (This is a courtesy appointment that is not designated on an annual contract). Staff leading Center program efforts are also full members.
  • Associate Member includes individuals including unpaid faculty, principal investigators, visiting scholars, students, and others who are regularly engaged in activities that directly support the ZFCPHP and MEZCOPH.
  • Affiliate Member includes individuals who directly contribute service to the academic or research mission of the ZFCPHP and MEZCOPH and work at agencies, institutions, hospitals, or clinics, which have been afforded contractual affiliate status by the Office of the Provost.

Membership Application Process:

Nominations are accepted either from individuals interested in becoming members, or from current members wishing to sponsor a colleague. Please fill out the webform below. 

Membership Inquiry

The ZFCPHP will inform the individual that a membership of the appropriate appointment type has been granted.

Renewal/Review Process

Membership status is normally good for 5 years. Prior to the end of a membership period, the individual will be contacted regarding their interest in renewal. Approval of renewals is based on specific contributions to the ZFCPHP over the previous period and engagement in research & programs that promote health and wellness. In addition, membership is reviewed annually and may be discontinued for any of the following reasons:

  • The member or investigator resigns from the University and has no formal affiliation with the ZFCPHP.
  • Research interests are no longer consistent with the Center’s mission.
  • Discontinuation of interaction with ZFCPHP membership.
  • UA DCC relationships are considered at-will, carry no promise of continuation, and can be terminated at any time, without cause, without notice, and without recourse.

More Information

For additional information, please contact Dr. Cynthia Thomson, ZFCPHP Director (