Community Events/Event Request

The ZFCPHP receives many requests to participate in special events and other community activities in throughout Southern Arizona. Limited resources make it impossible to fulfill all requests. This application will help us determine whether we can fulfill your request, or, if that is not possible, how we can refer you to a university or community partner.

Please review the following criteria for participation, and then complete the form below.

Event Criteria

The Zuckerman Family Center for Prevention & Health Promotion supports outreach activities to promote wellness in Tucson. In order to prioritize local events the following criteria must be met:

  • Aligns with our mission to address ways of supporting community-based wellness efforts to improve health for the Tucson community
  • Aims to reach underserved communities/individuals with health promotion & wellness related messaging
  • Health messaging that includes (but is not limited to) nutrition, physical activity, and wellness

Please tell us a little about your upcoming activity or event:

WHAT: Name of the activity/event; what will be happening?
WHEN: Timeframe for the activity/event.
WHERE: Location of the activity/event.
WHO: What are the characteristics of the audience for the activity/event?
WHY: What are the main goals for the activity/event?
HOW: What service or information do you need from ZFCPHP?