Cyclovia Tucson

An event for all ages.
Sunday, March 29, 2020 -
09:00 to 15:00

What is Cyclovia Tucson?

Cyclovia Tucson is a program of Living Streets Alliance (LSA), a nonprofit organization that advocates for a thriving Tucson by creating great streets for all of us. Cyclovia Tucson is a key component of LSA’s broader “open streets” program that invites Tucsonans to imagine and experience their streets in a different way. This program also includes things like demonstration projects, street murals, and – eventually – play streets and smaller, neighborhood-scale block parties.

What is a Cyclovia?

A scene from Ciclovía in Bogotá, Colombia.

Cyc˙lo˙via (/ˌsiːklɵˈviː.ə/) n.
A Spanish word signifying the temporary closure of a network of streets to cars so that they become “open” to  people. During Cyclovia anyone can bike, walk, skate and participate in fun, free activities.

One of the first and largest cyclovias in the world is held in Bogotá, Colombia.  Every Sunday and holiday, every week of the year, the city closes down over 70 miles of roadways to cars to invite people to bike, walk, talk, exercise, picnic, sunbathe, etc. in the streets.  People from all backgrounds come together in this beautiful community-inspiring event.

Why Cyclovia?

Why have a Cyclovia in Tucson? Because Tucson has a lot of streets and it’s not everyday that you can be in them car-free and care-free.  Take your whole family out for this great opportunity to explore and experience Tucson’s roads without the presence of cars.

Cyclovia gives people from all over Tucson the chance to enjoy great weather, see neighbors, friends and people from throughout the area, and get a little exercise – all on city streets that will be closed to car traffic and open to walkers, joggers, cyclists, skaters and all other forms of people-powered movement.

Motor vehicles are detoured from the route allowing everyone the freedom to enjoy “open streets” safely and comfortably. Cyclovia isn’t a race, parade or competition; it’s a chance to enjoy Tucson from a new perspective. Walk your dog, roller skate, blow bubbles. Have fun because during Cyclovia, the streets are yours!

With every Cyclovia Tucson event, we at Living Streets Alliance seek to accomplish the following objectives:

1. Enhance the brand and identity of greater Tucson as a progressive urban community

2. Increase the health and activity of Tucson area residents

3. Promote and increase awareness for cycling and walking as an acceptable and safe mode of travel on public streets

4. Increase neighborhood mobility, livability and access

5. Provide a unique, sociable, and fun experience for everyone

6. Provide a free public event affordable for all