Wellness During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly created some obstacles for healthy living, us included! Read our stories here (from April 2020).

Our staff and students created personalized resources for YOU (families, adults, and young people) to use during this time. Take a look at our wellness tips and tricks to navigate this challenging time.

Physical Wellness: 

With social distancing measures in place, our schedules and sense of normalcy have been disrupted, thus our physical wellness is impacted. We may experience changes in eating and activity, insomnia and/or fatigue, and physical stress.

Are you struggling with sleep or movement? Want to learn creative ways to teach your family proper handwashing steps? Worried about the virus and want some immune-boosting recipes? Achieving physical wellness involves caring for our body through food, movement, hygiene, and sleep for optimal health and functioning. 

Mental and Emotional Wellness:

Swift isolation and strict rules have affected our ability to care for ourselves mentally and emotionally. Many of us did not have time to mentally prepare for such a drastic shift to our everyday life, making the transition to quarantine challenging on our overall mental and emotional fitness. 

Mental and emotional fitness, or strength, is vital for our success during the pandemic, now more than ever before. Awareness of our own emotions as well as how we respond to the stress and grief of the pandemic will help guide us to smart and healthy coping skills. Explore some of our unique, pandemic-inspired strategies to help you channel your mental and emotional strength. 

Family and Social Wellness:

Whether we are living alone or with a large family, social distancing has put a strain on how we stay connected with loved ones. We are using social media platforms more often to check in with friends and family, relying solely on technology to close the social gap. We are learning how to balance work and personal responsibilities while simultaneously educating our children at home. To top it all off, isolation or loneliness is affecting us.

Nurturing our personal relationships will help us achieve family and social wellness. Read our tips for healthy communication, staying connected, fun family activities, and technology safety!

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“It's all about finding the calm in the chaos” - Donna Karan