AzCPCRN's "Vida Plena" Study Concludes

AzCPCRN's Vida Plena study concluded on June 16, 2022 in Nogales, Sonora. Although the project and dedicated community partners will continue to empower cancer survivors through workshops to support healthy lifestyle behaviors, the celebration on June 16th honored study participants with music, drinks, food, and a photo exhibition (or "fotonovela") containing Photovoice submissions. To read more about Vida Plena's conclusion and celebration, read La Estrella's article with contributions from Rosi Vogel, AzCPCRN's Senior Program Coordinator.

Faculty, staff from ZFCPHP/Collaboratory and Mariposa Community Health Center, and
Vida Plena study participants. 
Photo courtesy: La Estrella de Tucson & Rosi Vogel